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Trammell Family Genealogy contains what information we know about our Trammell ancestry, as well as links to other Trammell sources on the net.

Our Trammell Ancestors
Our 5G Grandmother was Sarah TRAMMELL, born c1735 in Fairfax Co, Virginia, died c1828 in Aberdeen, Brown Co, Ohio. We don't know who her ancestors were or any of her family, but have been told by Trammell researchers that there was only one Trammell family in Fairfax Co, VA at that time, but so far have seen no documentation to prove a connection.
Sarah married c1753 in Fairfax Co, Virginia, Thomas WEST Sr., born c1730 in Fairfax Co, Virginia, died c1785 in Lewis Co, Virginia.
Sarah and Thomas were parents of nine known children: Thomas, William, John, Sarah "Sally", Sybil "Sibba", Nancy, George T., Hugh, and Robert. All above information according to "Descendants of Edwards West Sr. & Sarah Edwards," Vol. 1, Donal S. West & Lola Edwards Lindsey, Mar 1995. Edwards West Sr. was grandson of Sarah TRAMMELL and Thomas WEST
See Thomas and Sarah's Family Group Sheet for dates, places and spouses for children.

If you have additional info about Sarah TRAMMELL's ancestors or descendants, or are related in some way, we would love to hear from you!

West-Trammell Onelist
West/Trammell Onelist is a maillist for the descendants of Thomas West and Sarah Trammell. Cousin Stephanie West Allen has set up this list and is the moderator. All messages are archived and searchable. Join by sending a message to or use the above link. There should be nothing in the subject line or in the message.

West-Trammell Reunion
Reunions for descendants of Sarah and Thomas have been held recently in Fairfax Co, Virginia. To find out about subsequent plans and for latest information, please subscribe to the West-Trammell Onelist above.

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