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As of February 2000, Shreve Family Genealogy has a new look, some new features and has been reorganized to make things easier to find. Check out the new links and queries sections, download selections from L.P. Allen's Shreve genealogy, and be sure and subscribe to the Shreve Maillist. It is the most effective way we know to make connections and locate ancestors.
Our Shreve Ancestry
Our 7th great grandparents Caleb Shreve and Sarah Areson lived in Burlington Co, NJ, as did their son Joshua and Jane Shreve. Their son Caleb Shreve and Hannah Thorn moved to Loudoun Co, VA in the 1760's. Their son Samuel Shreve and wife Sophia moved to Fayette Co, PA, after the rev war. Their son Thomas Shreve and Rachel Ingram, our 3rd great grandparents, moved to Brown Co, OH in the early 1800's, where they are buried, as are son Samuel Shreve and wife Malinda Mefford. Some of their descendants still reside in the Brown Co area, but shortly after 1900 our great grandparents, David Shreve and Helenor Kendall moved the family to Norwood, OH a suburb of Cincinatti. Our grandparents Birdie P. Shreve and James T. Marsh brought the family to California in 1944 and most of us still reside here.
Shreve Maillist
The best way we know to reach other Shreve researchers and exchange information is to use the Shreve Maillist. To subscribe, use the link above, and for more information on the list see the Shreve Links page.
We thank all our Shreve cousins for contributing materials to this website and hope it will help all of us find more relatives and ancestors. Drop a line to let us know who you and your ancestors are, and good hunting!

Terry Bodkin
Grandson of
Birdie P. Shreve & James T. Marsh

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