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Masters Family
Go to Masters Family Jack Masters' website has lots of info on the family of William Masters, Sr. & Mary Veitch of Prince George's Co, Maryland and their progeny. Includes a Surname Index, Family Topics articles, descendants charts, etc.

Masters Family
Go to Masters Family Brenda Bova has a webpage for Masters Family in her Families of Royal Descendancy site starting from, ”William W. Masters was born in Calvert County, Maryland 1691. William died after 1771 in Prince George County, Maryland. He married Mary Veatch in Prince George County, Maryland, 1713. Mary was born 1693 in Calvert County, Maryland. She was the daughter of Nathan Veitch and Ann Clagett. Mary died before 1770 in Prince George County, Maryland.

The Descendants of Robert Masters
Go to Robert Masters Brenda Bova has another page with nine generations of the descendants of Robert Masters and Mary Willson.

Masters Family Association
Go to The Masters Family Association David Masters' website describes itself as: "A free, world-wide non-commercial home on the internet for all with the Masters Surname...Masters, Master, Meschter, Meister, Maaster, Maestre". Has a pages for Masters Resources, Researcher's, Queries, Surname Origins and links to Masters Family histories and genealogies online, including United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada Connections.

Masters Genealogy Forum
Go to Masters Genealogy Forum
There is a newly formed Masters Family Genealogy Forum which is an automated query system, where responses form threads. A combination query page and bulletin board. This is part of the GenForum website, a collection of over 8000 forums, mostly genealogy. If you don't see a surname among those listed, you can request one. If you don't see your folks among our family, try posting to the Masters forum.

Masters Mail List

This is from host, Dave Masters: “Announcing another free world-wide resource for researching the Masters surname, to include it's various origins. The surname list has now been inaugurated on the RootsWeb for exchanging information on Masters surname searches, inquiries, or to pass along information that would be of interest, i.e. reunions, URL's of family histories on the internet, etc.
To subscribe, send a message to, or use the link above, that contains the single word: subscribe. No other text or signature file. You will receive a return message explaining how to use the list.
For further info on surname lists, go to: on the internet.

Masters Family of New England
Go to Masters of New England Joshua J. Masters,, has a website of his Masters ancestors of New England, along with allied families. Surname index is included.

Riggs Surname Study