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Masters Families of PA, VA, WV, KY, OH, NJ and IN New Jan 2000
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Our Masters ancestors resided in SW Pennsylvania, Virginia/West Virginia, and Mason Co, Kentucky. The other Masters families listed below also lived in these areas around the same times. We would like to discover if and how they are related and hope to hear from other descendants of these families.
Mary Masters Family
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Mary Masters descendants include the families of Nathan Masters, Cloe Masters and John Riggs, Mary Masters and Jeremiah Riggs, Mary Ann? Masters and Thomas McGinnis, and our 4th gr grandparents Malinda Masters and George Mefford.

Elijah Masters Family
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Elijah Masters and Nancy Jacobs family in Mason Co, KY, Clermont Co, OH, and Daviess Co, IN.

Gideon Masters Family Under construction
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Gideon Masters and children Moses Masters and Mary Masters in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.

Henry Masters Family Under construction
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Greene Co, PA, Washington Co, PA, Monongalia Co, WV and Wayne Co, IA.

Joshua Masters Family
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Joshua Masters and Elizabeth Selby family in Prince Georges Co, MD, Washington Co, KY, Daviess Co, IN, Pike Co, IN and Edgar Co, IL.

Richard Masters Contents Under construction
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Richard Masters resided in Mason Co, KY and Clermont Co, OH.

Samuel Masters Family
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Samuel Masters lived in Mason Co, KY, Brown Co, OH and Hendricks Co, IN, according to census records from 1810 to 1850.

Stephen Masters Family
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in Sussex Co, NJ, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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