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Masters Families of PA, VA, WV, KY, OH, NJ and IN New Jan 2000
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New sections have been added or expanded for our 4th gr grandmother Malinda Masters and her 4 known siblings, and six new sections have been added for other Masters families who lived near them in SW Pennsylvania, Virginia/West Virginia, and Mason Co, Kentucky.

Masters Records New Jan 2000
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Various Masters records in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Masters Links & Resources
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Descriptions and links to websites with Masters genealogy, the Masters Genealogy Forum, and new Masters mail list.

Masters and Riggs Queries
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If you don't see your Masters or Riggs folks on these pages, we invite you to use our new automated queries boards to help find your ancestors.

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Each entry is indexed and opens on a new page, so plenty of space for the kinds of information that help identify lines and make connections.

Masters Book List New Jan 2000
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List of books, fiche and film in the LDS Family History Center catalog related to Masters genealogy.

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