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Joshua Masters was born ca. 1770 in Upper Marlborough Hundred, Prince Georges Co., Md. to William Masters and Tryphenia North. He married Elizabeth Selby 3 April 1791 in Prince Geroges Co. (King George Parish Records). Elizabeth was born ca. 1770 Upper Marlborough Hundred to William Wilson Selby and Elizabeth -?-.(PS: all the Selbys, including their widowed mother, ended up in Ky. - most in Adair Co.) Immediately after Mary's birth, ca. 1795-6, they moved to Washington Co., Ky. - where they bought land from Richard and Grizzel Parker 9 Jan. 1796 (Wash. Co. Land Bk A, fol. 327-8, B, p. 657, E., p. 308) Their land is now Fredericktown, on the Salt River, border of Nelson and Washington counties. Joshua died Dec. 1835, Elizabeth between 1860-1870 (she's found in the 1860 census with her son)

Sarah, ca. 1793-1871 (Daviess Co., Ind), m. 1 Nov. 1814 Nicholas Wathen
Ann, d. ca. 1865-1868, m. William Wathen 25 July 1825 (bro. of Nicholas)
Mary, 28 July 1795-31 July 1879 (Edgar Co., Ill.), m. John Brengle 5 Jan. 1817
Dorcinasna, m. 23 Feb. 1817 Thomas Fowler, died in Pike Co., Ind.
Richard, m. 1 Feb. 1817 Elizabeth Fowler, died in Pike Co., Ind.
Deborah, 1803-after 1880, second wife of William Wathen, 25 Feb. 1868
Joshua W., 1806-20 Aug. 1880 Prince Georges Co. Md., m. Melinda Girdley in Ky. 22 Feb. 1866
William S., m. 11 Feb. 1836 Rebecca Powell
John, 1812-May 1889, m. May J. Royalty
Matilda/Malinda, d. bef. 1870, m. Edmond Seay 2 Sept. 1845.

The Wathen land was just across the road - up the Salt River - from the Masters land. William and his two wives were listed in the census in the same household as Joshua W., who seems to have been widowed early. Elizabeth Selby Masters lived with them.

Joshua's will of 17 Jan.-29 Dec. 1835 (Wash. Co. Probate Bk D, p. 281) names wife, Elizabeth, sons Joshua W. and WIlliam (execs) and "children." Wit: Thomas Montgomery, John Hill.

A short synopsis of the Masters ancestors (If you want more, I'll be glad to supply): William Masters, b. ca. 1723 PG Co., d. Nov. 1777 (Will, Original - Box 12, fol. 57), m. possibly 1) Margaret -?-, children: Sarah (m. Zaddock Harris), William, ca. 1752-1797 (m. Barsheba -?-) - to N.C.; Verlinda, ca. 1756, (m. John Chappell). William did not marry Tryphenia (this is all laid out in his will - tho he does NOT say Margaret was his wife). Their children: Dorcas, 1756- (m. William Jenkins); Elizabeth, 1761-after 1777, Ezekiel, 1762-1816 (W. Va.), m. Cassandra Norton); Nathan, 1766-June 1834 (m. Winifred Jenkins); George, 1768-1797; Joshua, 1770-1835 Wash. Co. Ky. (m. Elizabeth Selby); Mary, 1772-? (m. John Waugh.)

Tryphenia brought two sons into the"marriage" who received the Masters land - William North, 1754-?, m. Mary -?-; and John North, ca. 1755-1811 (m. Priscilla Bayne/Bean). Both took the name of Masters and are known as William North Masters and John North Masters.

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