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What's New
Masters Family Genealogy has been reorganized and now includes expanded sections on our own ancestor Malinda Masters and her siblings, as well as sections devoted to other Masters families who lived nearby in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.

Some sections are still under construction, but information may be found, now or soon, on the families of Elijah Masters, Gideon Masters, Henry Masters, Joshua Masters, Samuel Masters and Stephen Masters. Each section contains contact persons and e-mail links. Our sincere thanks to all those who have contributed to these pages.

Our Ancestors
Our 4th Great Grandparents Malinda Masters & George Mefford settled in Mason Co, Kentucky in 1785. They travelled down the Ohio River from Washington Co, Pennsylvania on a flatboat and built a cabin from the timbers. The cabin still stands today as an historic building in Maysville, where it was moved from the original homesite to protect it from vandalism.

Malinda & George were the parents of 13 children: Andrew, Nancy, Samuel, John, Nathan, Mary, Elizabeth, George, Sarah, Lydia, Thomas, Joshua and Caleb. Our line is from Joshua Mefford and first wife Susannah Hodgkins, daughter of James and Hannah Hodgkins of Pleasant Twp, Clermont & Brown Co, Ohio.

Malinda & George's children and known descendants lived in Mason Co and Greenup Co, Kentucky, Brown Co, OH, Pike, Marion and Ozark Counties, Missouri. We are still identifying descendants, so the list of places will no doubt grow. Our family, for example, moved to California near the end of World War II.

We are grateful to our many relatives, past and present, who have gathered and preserved this information, and hope through these pages to build on this legacy and compile all the descendants of Malinda & George for coming generations.

If you are a descendant, or related in some way, please contact us, to say hello, let us know who you are, and add your branch to the family tree. The following link may be used to send e-mail messages.

Terry Bodkin
GGGG Grandson
of George & Malinda
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