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We have been told that our great grandparents were Rebecca (Rifka) Kushner and Alexander Slobodkin. Alexander was a religious scholar and Hebrew teacher who trained children for Bar Mitzvah and Rebecca was a baker who had a bakery in Russia. They lived in Coney Island, New York after coming to the U.S. We estimate that Rebecca was born about 1855 and died about 1930.

We don't know yet who Rebecca's parents were, but have been told that she had four siblings, Basha, Deborah and two whose names are not known. Basha Kushner married Isaac Jacob Machiz and two of their daughters, Becky and Ida married Joe and Sam Slobodkin.

Alexander and Rebecca had five sons and three daughters. Morris, Nathan, Sam, Joe, Julius, Gertrude and Sylvia all came to the U.S. Libby was married and stayed in Russia. There may have been another son who died young. According to my father, all of the brothers had a skilled trade.

We are descended from Morris Slobodkin. Morris changed the surname to Bodkin, as did Sam. Nathan and Joe kept the surname Slobodkin and Julius used Slobof.

According to our aunt, Morris took our father Wesley to Coney Island see his grandparents when he was just a small boy. We have been told that Alexander died around 1925 and that Rebecca died about 1930, so it was sometime between 1916 and 1925.

We sincerely thank our cousins Susan, Alex, Lottie and Yoram, who have provided this new information and thereby extended our knowledge of the family. We hope this will be a legacy to all the family for many generations to come.

Terry Bodkin
Editor & Webmaster
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