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Rachel Ingram and Thomas Shreve of Brown Co, OH
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Our 3G Grandmother was Rachel Ingram born 4 Jun 1784 in Pennsylvania?, died 3 Nov 1863 in Russellville, Brown Co, OH. She married 9 Jan 1811 Thomas Shreve, son of Samuel and Sophia Shreve. According to History and Genealogy of the Shreve Family from 1641, by L.P. Allen, 1901, Rachel was the daughter of John Ingram. Estimated from Rachel's date of birth, we estimate that John was born c1760 or earlier.

Thomas Shreve's father Samuel was born in Burlington Co, NJ, but his parents, Caleb Shreve and Hannah Thorn, who were Quakers, removed to the Fairfax Monthly Meeting in Loudoun Co, VA in 1764. Samuel and Sophia were married in Loudoun Co in 1768. After the rev war they relocated to Fayette Co, PA, and tax records suggest that they were there as early as 1783.

L.P. Allen's states on p 121 that Rachel and Thomas were married in Fayette Co, PA and came to Brown Co before 1820, but we have not yet found the marriage record. Rachel and Thomas were parents of nine known children, the oldest Samuel, our 2G Grandfather, born 14 May 1813, in Pennsylvania according to the 1870 census, which would seem to support Allen's assertions.

    Children of Rachel Ingram and Thomas Shreve: Samuel, John, Caleb, Jane, Eliza, Thomas, Nancy, Jonah and James.

We have spouses and descendants for some of the children and would like to find out more about our Ingram ancestry. If you have any information, please use the e-mail link below to contact us.

John Ingram and Susanna Latham of Chester Co, PA New
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John Ingram came to America abt 1714 and married Susanna Latham, or Leatham, abt 1728. They lived at Ingrams Hill in Whiteland Twp, and were reportedly Quakers.

We have reason to believe that our Ingram ancestors were descendants of John and Susanna, and have added a new section to the website to present data on their families and descendants. Additions and corrections welcomed.

Terry Bodkin
3G Grandson of Rachel & Thomas

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