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James and Hannah Hodgkins of Brown Co, Ohio
Our 4G Grandparents were James and Hannah HODGKINS of Brown Co, Ohio. We have no data for hannah's parents, but know that James' mother was Elizabeth EVANS from her 1814 Will in Clermont Co, Ohio, and the 1813 Will of her brother Joshua EVANS of Lancaster, Co, PA. We have not yet found proof of his father's name or where he died.

We don't have the place or exact date of James HODGKINS' birth, but estimate that it was probably before 1772 and possibly in Pennsylvania or Maryland. We also don't have a record for James and Hannah's marriage, but estimate that it was before 1794. We know that the family were early settlers in Clermont County, Ohio, and resided lived in the eastern part of Clermont that became part of newly formed Brown Co in 1818. James and Hannah Hodgkins were parents of nine known children born between 1794 and 1817:

    1. Elizabeth Hodgkins ca 1794
    2. James Hodgkins b. ca 1795
    3. Mary "Polly" Hodgkins b. 10 Jul 1797
    4. William Hodgkins b. ca 1800
    5. Nancy Hodgkins b. 1803
    6. Susannah Hodgkins b. ca 1805
    7. Eleanor Hodgkins b. 7 Apr 1806
    8. Hannah Hodgkins b. 5 Sep 1807
    9. Jesse H. Hodgkins b. 11 Mar 1817

We have all the childrens' spouses and know that James Sr. died in Dec 1828 in Brown Co naming "...wife Hannah Hodgekins" and their children in his 1828 Will, which was proved 17 Dec of that year, and which we have online. We are descended through daughter Susannah and Joshua MEFFORD and through their daughter Malinda and Samuel SHREVE (see lineage).

Related Families
Some related names, from wills and marriage records, are BURGETT, CROSLEY, ELLIS, HALL, IRWIN, LANE, McCONNELL, MEFFORD, PANGBURN, ROBINS or ROBBINS, SLADE and WRIGHT.

We hope these pages are a help to our relatives and, in the interest of accuracy, welcome additions and corrections.

The information presented herein is due to the collaboration and contributions of many relatives and friends. Thanks and credit are due to Lisa Alexander, Genny Johnson, Pete C. Mann, Lois Derrough, Ramona & Billy Crosley, Bob Orr, Martha J. Basenfelder, James Wesley Johnson, Travis LeMaster, Wally Garchow, and Robert H. Laxton.

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