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Our Hodgkins Lineage & Family Group Sheets
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The link for each couple will take you to a page with the family group sheet, including all known children. Each family page is linked through parents and children, which makes it possible to navigate through all of my direct lines. For and overview, see the pedigree chart on Our Family Tree charts page (use "back" button on your browser to return from charts).
5G Grandparents
_____ Hodgkins ( ? - ? ) &
Elizabeth Evans (abt 1734?-1814)
Note: for Elizabeth Evans' ancestry go to Evans Genealogy

4G Grandparents
James Hodgkins ( -1828) &
Hannah ______
of Clermont/Brown Co, OH
James & Hannah's Family

3G Grandparents
Joshua Mefford (1805-1880) &
Susannah Hodgkins ( ? - before 1837)
of Brown Co, OH
Joshua & Susannah's Family

2G Grandparents
Samuel Shreve (1813-1873) &
Malinda Mefford (1824-1904)
of Brown Co, OH
Samuel & Malinda's Family

Great Grandparents
David Shreve (1851-1927) &
Helenor "Ella" Kendall (1856-1927)
of Brown Co, OH, Norwood, OH
David & Ella's Family

James T. Marsh (1886-1964) &
Birdie P. Shreve (1888-1961)
of Norwood, OH, San Bernadino, CA
Jim & Birdie's Family

Wesley Bodkin (1916-1991) &
Helen L. Marsh (1912-1995)
of Norwood, OH, Newport, KY, CA
Wes & Helen's Family