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Elizabeth Hodgkins' 1814 Will, Clermont Co, Ohio
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Names sons James, Samuel and Joshua, numerous grandchlidren, and includes surnames: BURGETT, CROSLEY, LANE, PANGBURN, ROBINS, SLADE and WRIGHT. See Evans Genealogy for more on Elizabeth's ancestry and wills of her family.

James Hodgkins Sr.'s 1828 Will, Brown Co, Ohio
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Names children: James Jr., Jesse, Elizabeth, Susannah, Nancy, Ellen, Hannah and Mary, grandchildren Ellen and June, and includes surnames: CROSLEY, ELLIS, HALL, McCONNELL and MEFFORD.

Elizabeth Hodgkins' Children & Grandchildren
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There appears to be 6 children and 28 grandchildren named in Elizabeth's will. An additional grandson was named in son James' will.

Hodgkins Marriages under construction
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Marriages in Clermont Co and Brown Co, Ohio of children of James Hodgkins Sr. and Hannah Alford, Susannah Hodgkins and Joshua Mefford, and others.

Our Hodgkins Lineage
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Our direct line from 4G Grandparents James & Hannah Hodgkins, with links to all the family group sheets. If you are descended from any of these families, or have additional information, please send e-mail!

Hodgkins Queries
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If you don't see your folks on these pages, we invite you to use the new automated queries section to help find your Hodgkins ancestors:

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Hodgkins Links
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Here are some links to other Hodgkins websites and online resources including a maillist and other queries boards.

Related Family Links
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Here are some links to websites and online resources for related families. Additions are welcome.

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Additions and updates to the Hodgkins Family Genealogy website.

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