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Marsh-Bodkin Family Genealogy

The Marsh-Bodkin Family Tree

Represented here and in our twenty-one family websites, one for each of our known ancestral families, is the known genealogy and family history of Helen L. Marsh and Wesley Bodkin, our beloved parents, grandparents and great grandparents, in whose memory we have compiled this information and to whom it is dedicated.

Our progenitors, Helen L. Marsh and Wesley Bodkin, were born and raised near Cincinatti, Ohio: mom in Norwood, Hamilton Co, Ohio and dad in Newport, Campbell Co, Kentucky.

Some of our ancestral surnames:
Bernstein, Bodkin, Downing, Edwards, Ellis, Evans, Harris, Hodgkins, Hutt, Ingram, Jones, Kendall, Kendle, Kindle, Kushner, Marsh, Masters, Mefford, Pearsall, Scott, Shreve, Slobodkin, Thorne, Trammell and West.

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Grandma Birdie P. Shreve was born in Brown Co, Ohio and her ancestors were early settlers in that vicinity having come from Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. Grandpa James T. Marsh was born in Rock Island Co, Illinois and raised in Madison Co, Indiana. His ancestors came from England and Wales in the 1870's. Grandma Rose Bernstein was born in Russia and came to the US in 1905. Grandpa Morris Bodkin was born in Minsk, Russia and came to the US in 1904.

Pedigree Charts provide an overview of our ancestry. The first chart shows four generations from the present and is linked to charts with additional generations. Each name on the charts is a link to Family Group Sheets with more detailed information.

In addition to charts and family group sheets, there is a page with information for each of our grandparents, a Surname Index, Families Index and Websites Index. Family websites provide more details on 20+ ancestral lines. All are interlinked to each other and to this site.

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Making Connections
The goal with each of our sites is to share what we have learned of our family history and to help our relatives find ancestors and each other. See contact information.

The information presented herein is due to the efforts and contributions of many family members, past and present, and we are sincerely grateful to each and every one.