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GG Grandparents

Family Group Sheet

Husband: SAMUEL SHREVE ®52
Birth: 14 May 1813 ®47 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: 26 May 1873 ®47 Place: Brown Co, OH
Father: THOMAS SHREVE (1784-1854)
Mother: RACHEL INGRAM (1784-1863)
Marriage: 25 Sep 1845 Place: Brown Co, OH
Birth: 17 Apr 1824 ®72 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: 28 Mar 1904 ®72 Place: Straight Creek, Brown Co, OH
Burial: Place: Old Russellville Cem, Jefferson Twp, Brown Co, OH ®72
Father: JOSHUA MEFFORD ®72 (1805-1880)
Mother: SUSANNAH HODGKINS ®35 (-1837)
1. M Child: Thomas Shreve
Birth: 28 Jan 1846/1847 ®47 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: 10 Sep 1850 ®47 Place: Brown Co, OH
2. F Child: Minerva Shreve
Birth: 9 Nov 1848 ®47 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: 6 Sep 1850 ®47 Place: Brown Co, OH
3. M Child: DAVID SHREVE ®52
Birth: 13 Sep 1851/1853 ®47 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: 1 Mar 1927 Place: Norwood, Hamilton Co, OH
Burial: 3 Mar 1927 Place: Laurel Cemetery, Madisonville
Marriage: 4 Oct 1875 Place: Brown Co, Ohio
4. F Child: Margaret Jane Shreve
Birth: 22 May 1858 ®47 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: 27 Jun 1914 ®47 Place: Brown Co, OH
Burial: Place: Confidence Cem, Georgetown, Brown Co, OH ®47
Spouse: David Brafford
Marriage: 1879 Place: Brown Co, OH
Spouse: Wilhelm Henry Albert Roehm ®47
Marriage: 12 Oct 1890 Place: Brown Co, OH
5. M Child: Joshua Shreve
Birth: 30 Apr 1865 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: Place: Of Walsburg, OH
Spouse: Tillie Shaub
Marriage: 24 Feb 1888 ®47

Husband’s Notes...

GG Grandfather of Terry Bodkin ®84
Samuel Shreve named as great grandfather of Helen L. Marsh. ®52
1850 Franklin Twp, Brown Co, Ohio, family #1770/1775: Joshua Mefford 45, Mary 40, Hannah 19, Walker 15, Louisa 12, Catherine 10, Mary 8, Virginia 6, Jerusha (F) 3, Samuel Shreave 40, Malinda 26, Thomas 3, Minerva 1. ®39

Wife’s Notes...

GG Grandmother of Terry Bodkin ®84
Malinda Shreve named as great grandmother of Helen L. Marsh. ®52
Malinda Mefford, wife of Samuel, born 4/17/1824 died 3/28/1904, Old Russellville Cemetery, Jefferson Twp, p243, Tombstone Inscriptions of Brown County, Ohio. ®72

Reference Note 35
James Hodgekins Sr.'s Will, 7 Dec 1828, Brown County, Ohio Willbook Vol. 1, p. 111, on microfilm #6588, at San Jose, CA Family History Center.

Reference Note 39
1850 U.S. Census

Reference Note 47
Family Group Sheets and other materials from Dale Roehm

Reference Note 52
Baby Book of Helen L. Marsh, inscribed by Birdie Shreve Marsh.

Reference Note 72
Tombstone Inscriptions of Brown County, Ohio Volume I, Compiled by Lillian Colletta and Leslie Puckett, 1963. Published by Lillian Colletta, 40 Seneca Trail, Denville, New Jersey.

Reference Note 84
Direct Ancestor of Terry Bodkin

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