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4G Grandparents

Family Group Sheet

Husband: George MEFFORD
Birth: 25 Sep 1751 Place: Baptized York, York Co, PA
Death: 18 Oct 1814 Place: Maysville, Mason Co, Kentucky ®73
Father: ?Johannes George MEFFORD (1730-1788)
Mother: ?Anna Magdalena (MEFFORD)
Marriage: 27 Jul 1779 Place: Redstone, Fayette Co, PA
Wife: Malinda MASTERS
Birth: 18 Jan 1763 Place: Pennsylvania
Death: Oct 1847 Place: Mason Co, KY
Mother: Mary (––?––) ®23 (-1804)
Other spouses: Ennis DUNCAN
1. M Child: Andrew Mefford
Birth: 8 Jan 1781 Place: Pennsylvania
Death: 24 May 1843 ®73 Place: Pike Co, MO ®73
Spouse: Susannah Burns
Marriage: 31 Aug 1802 Place: Mason Co, KY
2. F Child: Nancy Ann Mefford
Birth: 6 Feb 1783 Place: Pennsylvania
Spouse: Thomas T.G. Waring
Marriage: 25 Apr 1799 Place: Mason Co, KY
3. M Child: Samuel Mefford
Birth: 21 May 1785 Place: Pennsylvania
Spouse: Elizabeth Taylor
Marriage: 17 Jan 1805 Place: Mason Co, KY
4. M Child: John Mefford
Birth: 4 Dec 1787 Place: Mason Co, KY
Death: 11 Apr 1872 ®73 Place: Mason Co, KY ®73
Spouse: Jane Blair
Marriage: 13 Aug 1817
Spouse: Nancy McNeil ®73
Marriage: 14 Mar 1840 ®73 Place: Mason Co, KY?
5. M Child: Nathan Mefford
Birth: 17 Feb 1790 Place: Mason Co, KY
Death: Circa 1858 ®73 Place: Pike Co, MO ®73
Spouse: Mary "Polly" Tevis ®71 ®73
Marriage: 29 Jan 1808 ®73 Place: Lewis Co, KY ®73
Spouse: Patsey Goodnight ®73
Marriage: 10 Apr 1881 ®73 Place: Ozark Co, MO ®73
6. F Child: Mary Mefford
Birth: 5 Jun 1792 Place: Mason Co, KY
Spouse: Thomas Evans
Marriage: 17 Apr 1806 Place: Mason Co, KY
7. F Child: Elizabeth Mefford
Birth: 15 Mar 1795 Place: Mason Co, KY
Death: 31 Dec 1858 ®73 Place: Marion Co, MO ®73
Spouse: Ellis Schofield
Marriage: 31 Jan 1813 Place: Adams Co, OH ®73
8. M Child: George Mefford Jr.
Birth: 23 Apr 1797 Place: Mason Co, KY
Death: 11 Nov 1832 Place: Mason Co, KY
Burial: Place: Washington Baptist Cem, Mason Co, KY
Spouse: Nancy Brown
Marriage: Circa 1820 Place: Mason Co, KY
9. F Child: Sarah Mefford
Birth: 27 Jan 1799 Place: Mason Co, KY
Death: 18 Apr 1860
Spouse: Carter R. Bell ®73
Marriage: 9 Jun 1817 Place: Mason Co, KY
10. F Child: Lydia Mefford
Birth: 14 Nov 1800 Place: Mason Co, KY
Spouse: Samuel Blair
Marriage: 23 Aug 1820 Place: Mason Co, KY
11. M Child: Thomas Mefford ®72
Birth: 25 Feb 1803 Place: Mason Co, KY
Death: 11 Mar 1890 ®72 Place: Brown Co, OH
Burial: Place: Old Russellville Cem, Jefferson Twp, Brown Co, OH ®72
Spouse: Eleanor Hodgkins ®35
Marriage: 28 Jul 1825 ®27 Place: Brown Co, OH ®27
12. M Child: Joshua MEFFORD ®72
Birth: 5 Mar 1805 ®72 Place: Mason Co, KY
Death: 22 Oct 1880 ®72 Place: Brown Co, OH
Burial: Place: Old Russellville Cem, Jefferson Twp, Brown Co, OH ®72
Spouse: Susannah HODGKINS ®35
Marriage: 24 Jul 1823 ®27 Place: Brown Co, OH ®27
Spouse: Mary LAMB
Marriage: 8 Jun 1837 Place: Brown Co, OH
Spouse: Margaret McKEE ®26
Marriage: 1852 ®26 Place: Brown Co, OH
13. M Child: Caleb Mefford
Birth: 16 Feb 1808 Place: Mason Co, KY
Death: 29 Jan 1896 ®73 Place: Frankford, Pike Co, MO ®73
Spouse: Mary Pritchett
Marriage: 11 Feb 1830 Place: Pike Co, MO ®73

Husband’s Notes...

GGGG Grandfather of Terry Bodkin ®84
Born: 25 Sep 1751; Christened: 17 Nov 1751 Christ Lutheran Church, York, Pennsylvania. Ref: Harold Meeker, Iowa - Adams Co. Hist. Soc., Gettysburg PA, birth; Elizabeth Mefford Henning - LDS IGI batch C506861 sheet 0632, christening.
George and Malinda married 7 july 1779 at Ft. Redstone, now Brownville, Fayette Co, PA. ®15
Other sources give George's father as Andrew Conrad Mefford

Wife’s Notes...

GGGG Grandmother of Terry Bodkin ®84
Malinda's mother: Mary, md 2nd Mr. Mills, died before April 1804.
Malinda's siblings: Brother Nathan of Ohio Co, Virginia; sister md Thomas McGinnis of Mason Co, KY; sister md Jeremiah Riggs of Pike Run Twp, Washington Co, PA, had sons William and Samuel; sister md John Riggs of either Ohio Co, VA or Washington Co, PA. Ref: Mason County, KY Deedbook, 1803-1806, dated May and July 1804.

Reference Note 15
DAR records of Marion Claire Mefford Mabry #579 951, accepted 11 Oct 1973.

Reference Note 23
Masters Family History, by Jack Masters

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Ancestral File, LDS

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Brown County, Ohio Marriage Records 1818-1850, by Patricia R. Donaldson.

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James Hodgekins Sr.'s Will, 7 Dec 1828, Brown County, Ohio Willbook Vol. 1, p. 111, on microfilm #6588, at San Jose, CA Family History Center.

Reference Note 71
E-mail from Charles Manser,; Received: 4/24/97 6:07 PM

Reference Note 72
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Reference Note 73
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Reference Note 84
Direct Ancestor of Terry Bodkin

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