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Gr Grandparents

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My Great Grandparents were James Marsh, born 15 Dec 1854 in Lancashire, Eng, although his given first name may also have been Thomas like his son's, and Elizabeth Anne Hutt, born Aug 1867, and christened 24 Nov 1867 in Glamorgan, Wales.

James and Elizabeth were married 30 Dec 1882 in Floyd Co, IN and were the parents of 8 children, one of whom died in infancy. The children were born between 1883 and 1899. Elizabeth died in either just after Christmas ca 1906 from complications arising from a stillbirth.
We have information from our Aunt, now 81, that James had a sister and brother-in-law named Johnson, who, during her childhood, lived in England and manufactured fancy smoking pipes that they often sent on Christmas to James as gifts.

With the help of Judie Kotras, we have found who we believe to be James' sister, an Esther Johnson, in Lancashire census records for 1881, with husband Joseph H. Johnson, a pipemaker, and children. We recently received a marriage certificate for Esther Marsh and Joseph Johnson and Esther's father's name was recorded as Thomas Marsh.

Family Group Sheet

Husband: James MARSH ®52
Birth: 15 Dec 1854 ®51 Place: St. Helen's, Lancashire, England
Death: 12 Jan 1938 ®51 Place: Norwood, Hamilton Co, OH ®51
Burial: 14 Jan 1938 ®51
Father: Thomas MARSH
Marriage: 30 Dec 1882 ®50 Place: Floyd Co, Indiana ®50
Wife: Elizabeth Anne HUTT ®52 ®51
Birth: Aug 1867 ®43 Place: Glamorgan?, Wales
Christen: 24 Nov 1867 ®36 Place: Saint John, Canton, Glamorgan, Wales ®36
Death: Circa 1906 Place: Norwood, Hamilton Co, OH
Father: William Harris HUTT ®36 ®52 (1843-1900)
Mother: Mary Elizabeth HARRIS ®36 (1835-1900)
1. F Child: Esther Margaret MARSH
Birth: 29 Jul 1883 Place: Indiana
Death: 9 Sep 1971 Place: San Bernadino Co, CA
Spouse: ? Green
Spouse: ? Ballentine
Spouse: ? Farris
2. M Child: James Thomas MARSH ®52
Birth: 18 Apr 1886 Place: Rock Island, Rock Island Co, IL ®18
Death: 30 Aug 1964 Place: San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co, CA ®19
Spouse: Birdie Priscilla SHREVE ®52
Marriage: 1907 Place: Norwood, OH
3. F Child: Elizabeth S. "Betty" MARSH
Birth: 6 Feb 1888 Place: Illinois
Death: Jul 1984 Place: Zipcode 44107
Spouse: Walter SCOTT
4. F Child: Lavenia MARSH
Birth: Feb 1890 Place: Illinois
Spouse: Clifton A. BEST
Marriage: Before 1920
5. M Child: George J. MARSH
Birth: 3 Mar 1893 Place: Indiana
Death: Feb 1981 Place: Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS
Spouse: Mary _______
6. M Child: Edgar W. MARSH
Birth: 16 Mar 1895 Place: Alexander, Madison Co, IN
Death: 9 Nov 1964 Place: Phoenix, AZ
Spouse: Muriel _______
7. M Child: Richard C. MARSH
Birth: 28 Apr 1899 Place: Madison Co, IN
Death: Feb 1980 Place: Big Coppitt Key, Munro Co, FL

Husband’s Notes...
Great Grandfather of Terry Bodkin. ®84
James Marsh, father of James T. Marsh, named as grandfather of Helen L. Marsh. ®52
James Marsh arrived Philadelphia, PA 30 Aug 1880 aboard SS Lord Clive. Listed age: 25 yrs; occupation: Labourer; nationality: England ®25
E-mail from Judie Kotras: I could not find him in my index of parish christenings for Wigan. However, if his father's name was James also, I have a few possibilities:
CHR: James Marsh, born on:
June 30, 1805 to James and Betty Bragg Marsh
Jan. 24, 1814 to George and Margaret Marsh
Feb. 4, 1816 to James and Mary Marsh
May 19, 1816 to Sarah Marsh
Sept. 27, 1818 to James and Elizabeth Marsh
May 23, 1819 to Thomas and Hannah Marsh
June 29, 1823, to Charles and Ann Marsh
Oct 2, 1826 to Sarah Marsh
June 24, 1832 to William and Elizabeth Marsh
Jan 12, 1833 to William and Agnes Marsh

Wife’s Notes...

Great Grandmother of Terry Bodkin. ®84
Elizabeth A. Marsh, daughter of William and Elizabeth Hutt, named as grandmother of Helen L. Marsh. ®52
Elizabeth Ann HUTT christened 24 Nov 1867, Saint John, Canton, Glamorgan, Wales. Father: William HUTT; Mother: Elizabeth HARRIES. Ba: Co56751; So: 104854, 1978 PROVO ®36
Elizabeth died just after Christmas, either late December or early January. She was pregnant but the baby was dead already. The doctors wanted her to go in the hospital, but she waited until after Christmas because she didn't want to spoil Christmas for the kids. But by then it was too late, and she died in the hospital. ®17
Index to Floyd Co, Indiana Marriages 1845 on, and Deaths 1882-1920, LDS Microfilm #1266794 items 6-7: James MARSH and Liz A./Lizzie HUTT 30 Dec 1882, Book 8, page 381 ®50

Reference Note 17
Aunt Babe, phone conversation 10/9/96

Reference Note 18
Birth Certificate #0002179-3, Rock Island County, IL

Reference Note 19
Death Certificate #3600, State of California

Reference Note 25
Microfilm M-360, Roll #88, Philadelphia Index 1800-1906, photocopy of index card from National Archives, searched 31 Oct 1996. Note says "corresponding passenger list is missing. A copy of the index card is enclosed."

Reference Note 36
IGI-Wales1994 Edition

Reference Note 43
1900 U.S. Census

Reference Note 50
Index to Floyd Co, Indiana Marriages 1845 on, and Deaths 1882-1920, on LDS Microfilm #1266794, items 6-7.

Reference Note 51
Death Certificate, State of Ohio, Reg. Dist #8228, File #3583, George J. Marsh, Informant

Reference Note 52
Baby Book of Helen L. Marsh, inscribed by Birdie Shreve Marsh.

Reference Note 84
Direct Ancestor of Terry Bodkin

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