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GG Grandparents

THOMAS H. KINDLE, fifth child of DAVID KINDLE (KINDLE) and THEODOSIA SCOTT, was born 18 Feb 1817 in an area that became Brown County, Ohio in 1818. He died after 1900, most likely in Norwood, Ohio. He was counted in the 1900 census, in Brown Co., in the household of son-in-law DAVID SHREVE and daughter HELENOR "ELLA" KINDLE. Soon afterward, the family moved to Norwood, and Thomas was not counted in 1910..

Thomas married first MARY A. McCLAIN on 1 Jan 1840 in Brown Co. Mary was born in 1821 and died 17 Oct 1840, and was buried in the Old Cemetery Of Russellville, in Brown Co. She may have been related to Rev. ALEXANDER McCLAIN. According to History of Brown County, Ohio, Rev. McClain was the first minister of the Christian Church of Russellville and Thomas' parents were reportedly among the founding members of that church.

SUSANNAH WEST, daughter of EDWARDS WEST Sr. and SARAH EDWARDS, was born 5 Jan 1824 in Jefferson Twp, Brown Co, Ohio, the second of thirteen children. She died in Jefferson Twp, 8 March 1893, and was buried in Linwood Cemetery near Russellville, Ohio.
Thomas and Susannah were married 8 Dec 1842 in Brown Co, and were the parents of eight children, six daughters and two sons.

Family Group Sheet

Birth: 18 Feb 1817 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: 1900/1910 Place: Norwood, Hamilton, OH

Father: DAVID KINDLE (1786-1858)
Mother: THEODOSIA SCOTT (1794-1875)

Marriage: 8 Dec 1842 Place: Brown Co, OH
Other spouses: Mary A. McClain
Birth: 5 Jan 1824 Place: Jefferson Twp, Brown Co, OH
Death: 8 Mar 1893 Place: Jefferson Twp, Brown Co, OH
Burial: Place: Linwood Cemetery, Near Russellville

Father: EDWARDS WEST Sr. (1801-1870)
Mother: SARAH "SALLY" EDWARDS (1798-1870)
1. Mary Kindle
Birth: 19 Sep 1843 Place: Brown Co, OH

Spouse: James C. Martin
Marriage: 1867 Place: Brown Co, OH
2. Annie Kindle
Birth: 7 Dec 1845 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: 1899 Place: Near Sardinia, Brown Co, OH
Burial: Place: Wardlow Cemetery, Near Arnheim, Brown Co, OH

Spouse: George Wright Hendrixson
Marriage: Circa 1865 Place: Brown Co, OH
3. Sarah Kindle
Birth: 19 Nov 1847 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: 14 Oct 1942 Place: Ohio

Spouse: George W. Martin
Marriage: 5 May 1866 Place: Brown, OH
4. Rachel A. Kindle
Birth: 20 Jun 1850 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: 1934 Place: Ohio
Burial: Place: Linwood Cemetery

Spouse: Naaman D. Shaw
Marriage: 11 Feb 1869 Place: Brown Co, OH
5. Amanda Kindle
Birth: 5 Jun 1853 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: 1880 Place: Brown Co, OH

Spouse: Lewis M. Shinkle
Marriage: Circa 1874 Place: Brown Co, OH
6. Helenor "Ella" Kindle ®52
Birth: 12 Aug 1856 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: 29 Mar 1927 Place: Norwood, Hamilton Co, OH
Burial: 31 Mar 1927 Place: Laurel Cemetery, Madisonville

Spouse: David Shreve ®52
Marriage: 4 Oct 1875 Place: Brown Co, Ohio
7. George/Thomas Kindle
Birth: Circa 1858 Place: Brown Co, OH
8. Clement L. Kindle
Birth: Apr 1863 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: Place: Ohio

Spouse: Mary Blanche Cunningham
Marriage: Circa 1888 Place: Brown Co, OH