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3G Uncle

JOSEPH M. KINDLE, fourth child of DAVID KINDLE and THEODOSIA SCOTT, was born 18 Jan 1816 in an area that became Brown County, Ohio in 1818, and died in 1882. One report says he was living in Harrison Co, Indiana in 1880.

He was married, on 19 Dec 1837 in Brown Co, to MARGARET McMILLEN, born ca 1819 in Ohio. They were enumerated in the 1850 census with 5 children born between 1838 and 1848. We have not found them in the 1860 census yet, but in 1870 they were enumerated in Jefferson Twp, Madison Co, Iowa family # 65/65, lines 31-34, with son James 24 and daughter Olive15 who was reported born in Illinois.

We have also found son James in the 1920 census in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co, family #111/127, with 3 daughters: Sheron, Mable and Maude. In the late 1930's, Maude Kindle of Council Bluffs had written letters of inquiry about records of grandfather David's service in the War of 1812. There are marriage records in Madison Co, Iowa that we believe are the James and Olive found in the 1870 census:

Madison Co., Iowa
Kindle, James H. Rose, Mary E. 21 Dec 1870
Kindle, Olive M. Payton, Orange L. 25 Jan 1872

Family Group Sheet

Joseph M. Kindle
Birth: 18 Jan 1816 Place: Brown Co, OH

Father: DAVID KINDLE (1786-1858)
Mother: THEODOSIA SCOTT (1794-1875)
Marriage: 19 Dec 1837 Place: Brown Co, OH
Margaret McMillen
Birth: Circa 1819 Place: Ohio
1. Theodosia E. Kindle
Birth: Circa 1839 Place: Brown Co, OH
2. Amanda A. Kindle
Birth: Circa 1840 Place: Brown Co, OH
3. Cecilia Kindle
Birth: Circa 1843 Place: Brown Co, OH
4. James Harvey Kindle
Birth: Circa 1846 Place: Brown Co, OH
Death: After 1920
Spouse: Mary E. ROSE
Marriage: 21 Dec 1870 Place: Madison Co, IA
5. David S. Kindle
Birth: Circa 1848 Place: Brown Co, OH
6. Olive Kindle ®41
Birth: Circa 1855 ®41 Place: Illinois ®41
Spouse: Orange L. PAYTON
Marriage: 25 Jan 1872 Place: Madison Co, IA
1870 Census in Jefferson Twp, Madison Co, Iowa Family # 65/65, lines 31-34 :
KINDLE, Joseph 54 farmer $2200/1100 Ohio
KINDLE, Margaret 52 keeps house Ohio
KINDLE, James 24 farm laborer Ohio
KINDLE, Olive 15 at home ®41

1850 Census in Eagle Twp, Brown Co, Ohio Family #2396/2402, lines 6-12:
KINDLE, Joseph 34 Farmer $1000 Ohio
KINDLE, Margaret 31 Ohio
KINDLE, Amanda A. 10 F Ohio
KINDLE, James H. 4 M Ohio
KINDLE, David S. 2 M Ohio
KINDLE, Dosia E. 11 F Ohio
KINDLE, Cecilia 7 F Ohio ®39

Lived in Harrison Co, IN in 1880; died 1882 (Jim's outline)

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