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3G Uncle

JOHN SCOTT KINDLE, third child of DAVID KINDLE and THEODOSIA SCOTT, was born 7 June 1814 in an area that became Brown County, Ohio in 1818. He is buried near Franklin, Indiana. He married on 7 Aug 1836 in Brown Co, RACHEL ANN CRANE, and they were the parents of ten children, some born in Brown Co, and some in Indiana.

RACHEL ANN CRANE, daughter of SILAS and RUTH CRANE, was born ca 1820, and "spent her girlhood" at Ripley on the Ohio River, south of Georgetown.

John and Rachel moved to Johnson Co, Indiana, probably between 1847 and 1849, settling in Nineveh Twp. near relatives Joseph Kindle and Nancy Morrow, who had moved there sometime between 1840 and 1845. Some of their descendants now live in Canada and still spell the name Kindle.

Family Group Sheet

Birth: 7 Jun 1814 Place: Brown Co, OH
Burial: Place: Near Franklin, IN

Father: DAVID KINDLE (1786-1858)
Mother: THEODOSIA SCOTT (1794-1875)

Marriage: 7 Aug 1836 Place: Brown Co, OH
Birth: Circa 1820 Place: Of Ripley, OH

Father: Silas Crane
Mother: Ruth ______
1. Francis M. Kindle
Birth: 3 Apr 1838 ®21 Place: Brown Co, OH ®21
Death: 29 Jan 1857 ®21
2. Martin V. Kindle
Birth: 7 Jul 1840 ®21 Place: Brown Co, OH ®21
Death: 18 Nov 1922 ®21 Place: Brown Co, OH ®21

Spouse: Tabitha Ann Mullikin
Marriage: Before 1869 Place: Indiana
3. Mary Jane Kindle
Birth: 27 May 1842 ®21 Place: Ohio
4. Angeline Kindle
Birth: 17 Nov 1844 ®21 Place: Ohio
Death: 7 Feb 1938 ®21 Place: Jacksonville, FL ®21
5.Thomas S. Kindle
Birth: 17 Feb 1847 ®21 Place: Ohio

Spouse: America (Kendall)
Marriage: Before 1880
6. Malinda "Linnie" Kindle
Birth: 28 Jun 1849 ®21 Place: Indiana
Death: 8 Sep 1900 ®21 Place: Galveston, TX
7. James Creighton Kindle
Birth: 10 Oct 1851 ®21 Place: Indiana
8. Analiza Kindle
Birth: 7 Mar 1854 ®21 Place: Indiana
9. John Kindle
Birth: 23 Aug 1856 ®21 Place: Indiana
Death: 23 Oct 1857 ®21 Place: Indiana
10. Rhoda Kindle
Birth: 17 Sep 1859 ®21 Place: Indiana