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Family Group Sheet

Birth: 18 Jul 1878 ®37 Place: Minsk, Russia ®37
Death: 26 Nov 1953 Place: Columbus, Franklin Co, OH
Father: Alexander SLOBODKIN
Mother: Rebecca (Rifka) KUSHNER
Marriage: 1902 Place: Minsk, Byelorussia
Birth: 26 May 1880 Place: Minsk, Russia ®37
Death: 2 Feb 1973 Place: Middletown, Delaware Co, PA ®13
Father: Abraham BERNSTEIN
Mother: Freda (——?——)
1. M Child: Raphael Phillip BODKIN
Birth: 22 Feb 1903 Place: Minsk, Russia ®37
Death: 29 Jan 1970 Place: San Francisco, CA
Spouse: Sophie MARCUS
2. F Child: Lillian (Liebe) BODKIN
Birth: 5 Aug 1904 Place: Antwerp, Belgium?
Death: 12 Apr 1984 Place: Upper Darby, Delaware Co, PA
Spouse: Max FREEMAN
3. M Child: Bernard BODKIN
Birth: 29 Nov 1906 Place: Brooklyn, NY
Death: Nov 1980 Place: Upper Darby, Delaware Co, PA
Spouse: Sid (Sarah?) (--------)
4. F Child: Isabelle BODKIN ®37
Birth: 10 Sep 1909 ®37 Place: Newport, Campbell Co, KY
Spouse: David CHANDLER
Birth: 26 May 1916 Place: Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH
Death: 12 Jan 1991 Place: Sunnyvale, Santa Clara Co, CA
Marriage: 11 Sep 1938 Place: Lawerenceburg, Dearborn Co, IN

Husband’s Notes...

Grandfather of Terry Bodkin. ®84
Morris was born Moische Slobodkin. He used the name Morris in the United States, and shortened the surname to Bodkin at the time of Naturalization, 24 March 1917. ®37
Filed "Certificate of Declaration of Intention to Become a Citizen of the United States of America" in Kings County Court, New York on 4 Oct 1904, Liber97, Page 442. ®37
"I made petition for citizenship to the Campbell Circuit Court of Campbell county, at Newport, Kentucky, on the 18th day of May, anno Domini 1911, and the said petition was denied by the said Court for the following reasons and causes, to wit, one witness was not qualified..." ®37
Morris had 4 brothers and some, like Morris, changed their names after coming to the US: Nathan and Joe kept Slobodkin; Morris and Sam shortened it to Bodkin; Julius changed to Slobof.
Bodkin was the surname used on Wesley's birth certificate, 26 May 1916.

Wife’s Notes...

Grandmother of Terry Bodkin. ®84
Rose had a brother who lived in New Orleans, Louisiana and was in the fur business. This might be Jacob. She also had relatives who lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Reference Note 13
Death Certificate # 16148 Middleton Twp, Delaware Co, PA; Lillian Bodkin informant.

Reference Note 37
Certificate of Naturalization No. 550230, 24 March 1917; Petition for Naturalization No. 198, Circuit Court of Campbell County, Kentucky.

Reference Note 84
Direct Ancestor of Terry Bodkin

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