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Joshua Evans’ Will, Lancaster Co, PA
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Will of JOSHUA EVANS dec

In the Name of God Amen I JOSHUA EVANS of Carnaivon Township in the County of Lancaster and state of Pennsylvania Tanner by trade do for the settling such temporal estate as it hath Pleased the lord to bestow unto me make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following revoking all others.

Imprimus Item I bequeath two Thousand PoundsGold or Silver Money of Pennsylvania to be divided in the following manner: one thousand Pounds to my Sister ELIZABETH HODSKINS if she be living after my decease and a Thousand Pounds to be equally divided amongst her four Children if they should survive me but if my sister should die before me or any of her Children should die before me then the two thousand Pounds to be divided among the living. I bequeth nothing to any of her Grand Children because it will to much trouble to my Executors they living such a great distance. Item I give and devise unto JOSEPH WRIGHT his heirs and assigns forever A Tract of Land containing ninety four acres being the same more or less situate in the township where I now live together with the Buildings and Improvements thereon. Item I give and devise unto GEORGE CROSBY his heirs and assigns forever the twenty four acres and nineteen P(?)erches of Land be the same more or less that I bought of ROBERT JENKINS and ELIZABETH EVANS Executors of the Estate of NATHAN EVANS lying on the north side of the Turnpike in the Township where I now live together with all the Buildings and Improvements thereon together with twenty acres of Wood Land situate on the south West side of the Turnpike as you go up the Mountain but they must not come over the old line North to it if there is Enough without it. Item I devise the remainder of my land to PHILIP EVANS my Brother AMOS's Grandson his heirs and Assigns forever together with the Buildings and Improvements thereon being the Premises whereon I now live together with the household goods and Implements of Husbandry and all my Stock of Creatures of all kinds my Books watch and wearing appare. Item I bequeath his Mother MARY SCOTT the sum of fifty Pounds in Gold or Silver Money of Pennsylvania. Item I remit to my Nephew JOSHUA EVANS Deceased all the mony he owes me and his Bonds to be given up. Item I allow DANIEL J(?)ULINS a Mullato Boy who I brought up to go to a Trade of his own choice after my decease and if he is a good Boy at one & twenty Years it is my will and do order the sum of fifty Pounds in gold or silver money to be paid him by my PHILIP EVANS or case of his death then by one of my Executors and as for my Negro ABIGAIL I allow her to be maintained by the aforesaid Philip and to go and come when she will and her own bed bedding during her natural life and the said Philip to pay her one Dollar every month during her life I also allow to negros PHILLIS CATO and JEREMIAH Five Pounds each and FREDERICK LONDONS two notes to be given up to him Item I allow MATHIAS SHIRK two years after my Decease to discharge the largest of his Bonds and as to the other three if they are paid in six months after my Decease I remit the Interest I also remit the Interest of all my other Bonds that shall be paid in three months after my decease all my Debtors to be notified after my Decease by my Executors hereafter named. Also I do order PHILIP EVANS to pay my funeral Expenses and Doctors Fees out of the money in the house I also give to each of my Executors the sum of twenty Pounds each besides their office fees also for my Executors to write to my friends in Virginia and desiring JOSEPH WRIGHT of inform my Sister of my Decease and what is left all my outstanding Bonds to be paid to CYRUS JACOBS Esqr also I order a head and foot stone to my also I leave ten(?) pounds to Bangor Church for the repair thereof also ten Pounds to the REVEREND JOSEPH CLARKSON also my tenants JOHN SNYDER and JOHN BUSH their Leaces which will be out in one year from the first day of April next coming, the school house if any person or Persons should want it, it may be leased during my Tenants time also I order my Executors to pay all my bequeths in one year after my decease and if any Overplus to be paid to PHILIP EVANS And Lastly I nominate CYRUS JACOBS Esqr and JOHN HUSTON Esqr my trusty friends to be my Executors to this my last Will and Testament made this Seventh day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred & thirteen 1813.


Signed sealed and declared and acknowledged by JOSHUA EVANS to be his Last will & Testament in the presence of us who have hereunto set our names as witnesses ADAM SHEAFER, JAMES McELROY JACOB BA___?

Lancaster County on the 27th day of April AD 1813 Before me the Subscriber persons appeared ADAM SHEAFER, JAMES McELROY, JACOB BASSET who being duly qualified according to law did depose declare and say that they were present and saw and heard Joshua Evans sign seal publish pronounce & declare the foregoing writing as and for his last Will & Testament & that at the doing thereof he was of sound and well disposing mind memory & understanding to the best of their knowledge observation & belief.

Be it remembered that on the 27th day of April AD 1813 The last will and Testament of JOSHUA EVANS decd. was proved in due form of Law and letters Testamentary thereon were granted to CYRUS JACOBS Esqr & JOHN HUSTON Esqr the Executors therein named they having first been duly qualified well and truly to administer the estate of the said Deceased especially to Exhibit a true and perfect Inventory thereof into the Registers Office at Lancaster within one month & to surrender a true & just account of their Executorship on said Estate in one year or when thereto lawfully required Given under the seal of s. Office


Lancaster County, Will Book K, Vol. 1, Page 442
Archives Division
Records and Archives Services Office
Lancaster County Courthouse
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602

Transcribed by Terry Bodkin