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Elizabeth Evans Hodgkins
Our 5G Grandmother was Elizabeth EVANS, who was born probably around 1730-1735, and most likely in Chester Co, PA. She married HODGKINS, first name unknown, probably around 1752. After the revolutionary war, they moved west and settled in Pleasant Twp, Clermont Co, Ohio, where Elizabeth died in 1814, according to her will. Our branch of the family is descended from her son James - see our Hodgkins website.

Philip Evans and Elizabeth Longworthy
Elizabeth's parents, and our 6G grandparents, are Philip EVANS and Elizabeth LONGWORTHY of Chester Co, PA., and his will dated 1779 names seven children:

    Samuel, Ruth, Hannah, John, Elizabeth Joshua and Amos

Joshua EVANS lived in Caervarnon Twp, Lancaster Co, PA, and his will dated 1814 is included here, as is Amos EVANS' will dated 1793 in Salisbury Twp, Lancaster Co, PA.

[Note: some sources report that Joshua Evans, son of Philip Evans and Elizabeth Longworthy, is Joshua Thomas Evans of Berks Co, PA who married Mary Thomas, but a careful study of the wills included herein shows that statement to be in error.]

David Evans and Mary Jones
Philip's parents, and 7G grandparents, are David EVANS and Mary JONES of Radnor Twp, Chester Co, PA. Ten children were named in David's will dated 1709/10:

    Gwen, Margaret, Caleb, Joshua, Sarah, Evan, David, Philip, John and Mary

Also named were four grandchildren. Some of the children were reportedly from David's first marriage and born in Wales - see the eight generation genealogy, "Evans from Wales," that covers the family in Merionsethshire, Wales, Chester Co, PA and Virginia, including three generations before David.

John ap Evans and Delilah
Mary JONES' parents were John ap EVAN, or EVANS, and Delilah. John's will abstract, dated 1703 and proven 1707, is included herein and names wife Delilah, five daughters, four of their spouses, two sons, a brother, niece, and son-in-law David EVANS as one of the executors. All of the children named in the will used the surname JONES. In Wales, JONES is a variant of JOHNS or ap JOHN, ap meaning "son of"; I believe there is another term meaning "daughter of" - can anyone verify this?

See Contents for wills and other information about these ancestors, and if you are related in some way, please e-mail to say hi and let us know who you are. We hope these pages are a help to our relatives and, in the interest of accuracy, welcome additions and corrections.

The information presented herein, and our knowledge of the Evans family, is due to the efforts and contributions of many relatives and friends. Thanks and credit are due to Genny Johnson, Kathy Dix, Christos Christou, Jr., Mark A. English, Jack Bowman, Joanne Kennel and Larry Golden.

Terry Bodkin
7G Grandson of
David Evans and Mary Jones

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