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We have more than 20 genealogy websites and all are free and non-commercial. If any part of any of our sites shows up as part of a paid or commercial website, it has been illegally pirated. Please let us know. You should not have to pay to see it.

How to Find Information
To search for information for our ancestors their relatives start from Our Family Tree website or one of our Family Surname websites. See below for descriptions of each.

Our Family Tree
Our Family Tree website is at the center of our family genealogy websites and all are interconnected. An overview of our entire known family tree is provided by Pedigree Charts and Family Group Sheets for our direct ancestors and some of their siblings, pages for each of our grandparents and a number of other resources. To help the reader locate related families, we have included a Surname Index, a Families Index and a Websites Index. The Websites Index includes links to Family Surname Websites and brief description for each line.

Family Surname Websites
Our individual Family Surname Websites provide more detailed information on our ancestors and their relatives and we currently have sites for more than twenty lines. Contents variously include lineage, charts, records and photos. Each site also includes an automated Queries board for the surname and links to relevant online resources. Some of our ancestral surnames are:

    Bernstein, Bodkin, Downing, Edwards, Ellis, Evans, Harris, Hodgkins, Hutt, Ingram, Kendall, Kendle, Kindle, Kushner, Marsh, Masters, Mefford, Pearsall, Scott, Shreve, Slobodkin, Thorne, Trammell and West.

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